2016 August

Explain Everything – Math Tutorials

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One project that I really loved doing the last two years was the Math Tutorials. Students worked in pairs or individually to design and create a short tutorial using Explain Everything that showed their numeracy learning. We did this project twice through the course of the year: early in the year, and then towards the end during review. I created my own version of the project as a model. Read More

Active digital citizens create content!

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Student Created COntent

One thing I find disappointing about “digital citizenship” in schools is the focus on the negative. Cyberbullying! Privacy! Safety! Oh My! What about the good parts? What about the excitement and satisfaction you feel when finishing a project and sharing it online? What about all the amazing opportunities students have to create, share, and participate in the digital world?

This is what I’d like to focus on: student created content and preparing students to be active digital citizens who create content.


  • what type of content can students create and share?
  • what skills do students need to acquire?
  • what kind of scaffolding do students need during projects?

These are just some of the ideas and questions I have been thinking about. These blog posts are about making my thinking visible for reflection, feedback, and refinement. So… lets begin…