Keynote: parallax effect

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  • January 26, 2017
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As part of a unit I am currently working on, I have been playing around with the animation tools in Keynote. Testing what are the capabilities and the limits.

There are three reasons I decided to use Keynote rather than an animation tools for the project. First of all Keynote is a standard app for Apple users, it is on all our school laptops as part of the imaging process, so there will not be any tech set up. Secondly it is a simple, intuitive program for the students to learn: even though it would be amazing teaching them how to use Hype, we simply can’t spend that much time on that part of the design process. Thirdly, as we already have the app, the unit doesn’t require anything additional from the budget.


download Here is the Keynote file. I hope it is helpful in your own animations.

Graphics used in the project were designed by Freepik

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Laura is a passionate educator, researcher and designer. Her experience teaching in Asia and Europe have fueled her desire to provide authentic learning experiences supporting creativity through technology integration. She loves to travel and read everything. Follow her @MrsLauraW.

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