Inquiry Unit: Ancient Rome

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  • January 27, 2017
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Last week I blogged about how my Year 6 class is working on a unit of Ancient Rome and the collaborative Keynote we created. It was such a success I think it may be pattern for our future collaborative work. Along side this for their personal project the students are to research some aspect of Ancient Rome; architecture, food, game, mythology etc. and write an information report about it.

As an Australian, explicit teaching writing, in particular the text types, is a foundation of English as a subject. So I’ve pulled out the NSW Syllabus, searched through the archived folders in dropbox, and looked at what’s new on Pinterest!

Samuel always says, “teachers must make the project first” so, armed with NSW awesomeness, I wrote an information report on Ancient Rome. Analysing this example will be our first task next week. Pages made formatting a breeze and I will be sharing the document with students to use if they wish.

Information Report- Beauty

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