Making the PYP Happen and our Program of Inquiry

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  • October 26, 2017
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The program of inquiry (POI) for a PYP school is the centre of learning, teaching, and planning. As a new teacher, in a young school, with a new Head of Primary there are many opportunities this year to be creative, innovative, and courageous! One way of bottling that freedom is with a whole school POI board.

This is one way we can communicate to parents, administrators, and colleagues the breadth and depth of curriculum development that is occurring in each classroom and grade level.

As a staff, we designed the poster template in Pages. We then exported the file “as a template” and shared it. Each teacher now has it in their template chooser in Pages and doesn’t need to search for and then duplicate the file to recreate the poster each six weeks. This assures consistency and simplicity for the teachers.

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I love how this illustrates/displays all the work we put into alignment of concepts, content, and skills. The current unit of inquiry poster is displayed on the door for each class and is going to be a great opportunity to incorporate AR into our door and hallway displays… so much to do!

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