The AR Library Project

The International Augmented Reality Library Project. Est. 2017

Description: This is a collaborative project between ADEs and their schools in Europe. Students from five primary/elementary schools will create short book reviews using the Clips app by Apple. These clips are then shared via Aurasma using the book covers as triggers.

Goals: The goals of the project is to break down the walls of the classroom for students, and also the walls of the school for teachers and administrators; allowing them to see the possibilities of future, deeper collaborations.

Initial Setup: Each participating school will create two accounts – a project coordinator account and a student/viewing account. All student mobile devices will be signed up to the student/viewing account. All auras (videos linked to triggers) will be published on the project coordinator account. The coordinator will then share their “private auras” through the “Share Campaign” option in their account settings.

This gives a computer generated random link which will be shared with all participants via the iMessage group. Coordinators will then sign into the student/viewing account and “follow” the campaigns of each school using the links. This will allow students to see the Auras from all other schools, and create auras for other projects without those automatically being sent out – this is primary reason for having two accounts. In order to track the contribution of each school there is an iCloud Numbers document where we can collate the books reviewed with each school’s Project Coordinator having editing rights. This document can also be shared with others within each school, the Librarian or Principal,  however please give others only viewing rights.
Participation: The start of the project is September 2017 – start of year according to our school calendar – however by virtue of the project itself the start date isn’t as important as is the first live chat. I’d like to propose that we work towards a group chat, with students/teachers/admin participating, using Skype or Google Hangouts etc. sometime before Christmas. That gives 12 weeks according to our school calendar. There will be a sheet in the iCloud Numbers file where we can put together discussion prompts and questions so everyone is ready for the chat.

Resources: Here are a few resources to support the creation of the Clips and publicise the project. I will share the iCloud Pages document of the poster also through iMessage. The small logos can be used at the end of the Clips videos.

Download PDF of the poster above.