Mozart Sneak Peak!

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This sneak peak is of a music education resource we are currently making with the amazing Karen Carey and the very talented Ironwood Ensemble! For this project we are commissioning U.K. illustrator Rebecca Burgees to create a series of three caricatures of the great composer. Here is the Home page:

Mozart Clarinet Quintet Resource


UPDATE August 2016: maybe an iBook…

Happy Prince iBook

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Reading through this blog I realise there isn’t anything written about the project that inspired us to get into this work – The Happy Prince Project.



Two years ago we worked with students at the International Grammar School to create a iBook. The students were apart of an extension group identified as gifted in music composition that Samuel, as Composer in Residence, was working with. He worked with the student to write music inspired by Oscar Wilde’s story of the Happy Prince. I created the images, narrated the story and then pulled it all together into an iBook. Samuel then published to iTunes.

There were a few hiccups along the way – problems with font and uploading mainly – but these only helped us refine our process of consultation. I sentimentally love this book and how I was shown through it a passion I didn’t know I had.

Classroom Bookshelf

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One aspect of school work I remember as a child is that it was only done so that the teacher could mark it. Mum and Dad would see my work when it was sent home at the end of the week and maybe Grandma and Pa would look at it when they visited but that was it. It was collected in a crumpled up cardboard folder for a very small audience. Read More

The beginning…

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It feels like we have been thinking and planning the launch of Wrightstuff Interactive for decades! In one sense this is actually true – well, a decade at least. Since starting university in the early 2000’s, Samuel and I have seen new technologies change the way we create and consume information. It wasn’t very long ago that we didn’t have touch technology like iPads yet they have now assimilated themselvesĀ into our lives. As everything is changing so quickly, what I believe we need to ask, “is how can we keep apace with change and utilise new technologies to deliver the most effective learning?” Read More