Student Created Content: Book Creator

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This is part Mum bragging and part teacher excitement! “The Lightbulb” is a research project that my son Joshua made with Book Creator! Joshua is 10 and growing up fast so having a piece of his work including voice narration is just so special. As a teacher I am equally excited about giving the parents of our students the same joy… but more about that later… Read More

Inquiry Unit: Ancient Rome

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Last week I blogged about how my Year 6 class is working on a unit of Ancient Rome and the collaborative Keynote we created. It was such a success I think it may be pattern for our future collaborative work. Along side this for their personal project the students are to research some aspect of Ancient Rome Read More

Explain Everything – Math Tutorials

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One project that I really loved doing the last two years was the Math Tutorials. Students worked in pairs or individually to design and create a short tutorial using Explain Everything that showed their numeracy learning. We did this project twice through the course of the year: early in the year, and then towards the end during review. I created my own version of the project as a model. Read More

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The beginning…

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It feels like we have been thinking and planning the launch of Wrightstuff Interactive for decades! In one sense this is actually true – well, a decade at least. Since starting university in the early 2000’s, Samuel and I have seen new technologies change the way we create and consume information. It wasn’t very long ago that we didn’t have touch technology like iPads yet they have now assimilated themselves¬†into our lives. As everything is changing so quickly, what I believe we need to ask, “is how can we keep apace with change and utilise new technologies to deliver the most effective learning?” Read More